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» Stem Cell Wrinkle Cream Hits US
By MSP Staff | Published Yesterday | Skincare Products |
Ever since the rumor about a stem cell-based mystery skin cream first raised its head in early 2005 (see, Amatokin quickly became the most controversial and most sought-after anti-aging cream in the world.
» Over the Counter Wrinkle Cream Proven Effective
By MSP Staff | Published Yesterday | Skincare Products |
A buying frenzy erupted in UK pharmacy chain Boots last month when its $40 No.7 Protect and Perfect Beauty Serum was proved to reverse the signs of ageing. Scientists at the University of Manchester found it was the only over-the-counter anti-ageing product tested that actually worked.
» A Wrinkle in Time
By MSP Staff | Published 03/18/2007 | Business Trends , Skincare Products |
Dr Leslie Baumann is professor and director of the Florida-based University of Miami Cosmetic Centre, and author of what promises to become the latest skincare bible. Released in 2006, The Skin Type Solution (Viking Books) brings together a revolutionary skin-typing system designed to identify exactly what skin type you have, and how to best care for it.
» Eat Your Way to More Beautiful Skin
By MSP Staff | Published 01/7/2007 | Skincare Products |
Some vitamins in creams and lotions can help improve your complexion, but if you really want to have beautiful skin, start on the inside, says nutritionist Joy Bauer. Although acne and wrinkles have different causes, nutrition can help minimize or prevent both these problems and enhance your skin’s natural beauty.
» Retin-A: The Thing Is...It Works
By MSP Staff | Published 12/3/2006 | Business Trends , Skincare Products |
According to the Mintel Global New Products Database, nearly 300 retinol-containing cosmetics have hit the market since 2003. With so many doctors and beauty companies on a hunt for the next big anti-aging product, why do Retin-A and retinol still have so much appeal? The answer, many dermatologists say, is simple: They work.
» Jan Marini Skin Research Introduces Age Intervention(R) Eye Cream
By MSP Staff | Published 11/19/2006 | Product News , Business Trends , Skincare Products |
Jan Marini Skin Research, Inc. (JMSR; announced today the highly anticipated release of Age Intervention Eye Cream, a powerful and effective way to keep eye areas smooth, firm and youthful looking.
» Lip Plumpers
By MSP Staff | Published 11/5/2006 | Business Trends , Skincare Products |
The trend for fuller lips has spread in recent years, with naturally bee-stung celebs like Angelina Jolie, and cosmetically-enhanced pouters like Victoria Beckham, fuelling the desire for luscious lips. Many beauty manufacturers, eager to kiss up to their customers and not lose out to the collagen clique, have decided to get lippy too, with numerous products promising fuller, moister, more seductive pouts.
» Night Creams: Doing Some Good or Just Being Skinned?
By MSP Staff | Published 10/26/2006 | Business Trends , Skincare Products |
Millions pay anywhere from a few dollars to hundreds so that they can slather on night creams. Their enthusiasm for smoothing and softening skin, bleaching sun spots and minimizing wrinkles has helped drive the sales of about $437 million in facial anti-aging skin care products last year -- a 45.7 percent increase from 2003 -- and an additional $268 million in facial moisturizers, two categories that include night creams, according to the market research firm Mintel International Group. But do they work?
» Clinique Criticized for Misleading Claims in Anti-Wrinkle Cream Advertisement
By MSP Staff | Published 10/14/2006 | Business Trends , Skincare Products |
The Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) said Clinique could not stand up claims about the cream's physiological effect on users' skin. It found the advert in breach of the advertising code in relation to truthfulness, health and beauty products, cosmetics and substantiation.
» Safer Than Sun, More Natural Looking Than Sunless Tanners: Topical Treatment May Be The Next Advance In Tanning
By MSP Staff | Published 10/7/2006 | Skincare Products |
An organic compound that creates a realistic beachy glow while inducing a natural sun block effect in your skin may be just around the corner, as scientists at the University of Kentucky are testing a treatment that enhances melanin production in animal models.
» Noevir Discovers Leaf Extract Effective For Wrinkles
By MSP Staff | Published 10/1/2006 | Business Trends , Skincare Products |
Noevir Co., Ltd., in collaboration with Kyushu University and Chigan Mai University in Thailand, has discovered that extract of Duabanga (scientific name: Duabanga grandiflora), a tropical leaf, induces the production of type III collagen and as a result improves wrinkles.
» NuLase Announces The First Laser Enhanced Skin Care Treatment For In Home Use
By MSP Staff | Published 10/1/2006 | Skincare Products |
The nuLase Soft Touch Laser is part of a skin care system that works in tandem with our scientifically formulated moisturizer to penetrate the epidermis and stimulate production of cellular energy (ATP) within the skin cell.
» What's the Number One Anti-Wrinkle Cream in France?
By MSP Staff | Published 10/1/2006 | Business Trends , BotoxR / BotoxR Cosmetic , Skincare Products |
In an ironic twist, the "stretch-mark cream turned anti-wrinkle phenomenon," America's StriVectin-SD(R), has invaded Paris and captured the French anti-aging, anti-wrinkle skin care market.
» Skin Care: Top 5 Habits for Healthy Skin
By MSP Staff | Published 09/17/2006 | Business Trends , Skincare Products |
Good skin care - such as avoiding the sun, washing your skin gently and applying moisturizer regularly - can help delay the natural aging process and prevent many skin problems. These simple skin-care habits will help you protect your skin to keep it healthy and glowing for years to come.
» StriVectin-SD(R) Signs Isaac Mizrahi as Spokesperson
By MSP Staff | Published 09/10/2006 | Business Trends , Skincare Products |
While most of the major cosmetic giants turn to aging Hollywood starlets to hawk their wrinkle creams, Klein-Becker has a fresh perspective ... tapping a most unlikely spokesperson for its StriVectin-SD ... the "Better than Botox(R)?(1) stretch mark cream tuned anti-wrinkle phenomenon" ... fashion icon and television personality, Isaac Mizrahi.

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