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» Medicis Announces FDA Approval of Perlane
By MSP Staff | Published 05/7/2007 | Product News , Business Trends , Dermal Fillers , Hyaluronic Acid |

PERLANE's Larger Hyaluronic Acid Gel Particles are Designed to Provide Volume and Lifting Power for Effective Facial Wrinkle and Fold Correction

» Alma Receives FDA Clearance for Accent Dual Mode RF System
By MSP Staff | Published 04/28/2007 | Product News , Equipment , Skin Tightening |
Alma Lasers a global leader in laser, light-based, and radio frequency (RF) technologies used in aesthetic medicine announced today that it has received clearance from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to market the Accent™ Dual Mode RF System in the United States.
» CoolTouch Patent Allowed
By MSP Staff | Published 04/8/2007 | Product News , Equipment |
CoolTouch Inc., a pioneering manufacturer of medical lasers announced today that the United States Patent & Trademark Office has allowed the patent "Treatment of Cellulite with Mid-Infrared Radiation" to CoolTouch Inc.
» New Laser Method to Melt Away Fat
By MSP Staff | Published 12/22/2006 | Product News , Business Trends , Skin Tightening |
There;s a new way to get rid of your unwanted fat, and some doctors said it works better than traditional liposuction. Instead of vacuuming fat, laser liposuction melts away fat cells.
» CosmetaLife(TM) Clinical Trial - New Dermal Filler
By MSP Staff | Published 12/6/2006 | Product News , Dermal Fillers , Other Dermal Fillers |
Gel-Del Technologies, a St. Paul, Minnesota based biomedical device company, has received approval from the Food and Drug Administration for clinical trials of CosmetaLife(TM), a dermal filler injection that company officials say holds potential to be a more effective alternative to currently available treatments for deep lines and wrinkles.
» Jan Marini Skin Research Introduces Age Intervention(R) Eye Cream
By MSP Staff | Published 11/19/2006 | Product News , Business Trends , Skincare Products |
Jan Marini Skin Research, Inc. (JMSR; announced today the highly anticipated release of Age Intervention Eye Cream, a powerful and effective way to keep eye areas smooth, firm and youthful looking.
» Botox(R) - New Injector Rules in the UK
By MSP Staff | Published 11/19/2006 | Product News , Business Trends , Injectables , BotoxR / BotoxR Cosmetic |
Unqualified "Botox cowboys" could be given carte blanche to administer the treatment - putting many patients at risk of serious side effects, according to health professionals.
» Allergan Looks to Nabarros to Defend Botox Trademark
By MSP Staff | Published 11/12/2006 | Product News , Business Trends , Injectables , BotoxR / BotoxR Cosmetic |

The High Court dealt Allergan a massive blow last week when it revoked the patent for Botox, and now the pharmaceutical company is facing a worldwide battle to hold on to the trademark for the drug.

» Filler Wars - The Battle Between Allergan and Medicis
When the makers of Juvéderm began giving away their product free to users of Restylane last month, they set off a marketing battle, which some see as the $12-billion-a-year cosmetic medical industry’s budding version of the cola wars.
» Arthritis Relief with Botox
By MSP Staff | Published 11/12/2006 | Product News , Business Trends , Injectables , BotoxR / BotoxR Cosmetic |

To many people, Botox is just a vanity drug. But doctors say it also has potential as a powerful medicine because of the way it affects muscles and nerve endings. Made from the toxin that causes botulism, a form of food poisoning, Botox temporarily paralyzes and relaxes muscles under the skin. There's also some evidence that it may interfere with the nerve signals associated with pain, Boon says.

» New Study Shows Sculptra(R) (injectable Poly-L-lactic Acid), A Unique Class Of Injectable For Cosmetic Use, Provides 13 Month Results
By MSP Staff | Published 11/7/2006 | Business Trends , Product News , Injectables , Dermal Fillers , Collagen , Other Dermal Fillers |
Dermik Laboratories, the dermatology business of sanofi-aventis U.S. LLC, announced today that results from a pivotal trial show that Sculptra(R) (injectable poly-L-lactic acid) demonstrated significantly greater improvement and longer-lasting effects compared to CosmoPlast(TM)(1) Collagen Implant, human-based collagen, in the treatment of nasolabial fold wrinkles.
» Allergan Quarterly Net Down
By MSP Staff | Published 11/5/2006 | Product News , Business Trends , Injectables , BotoxR / BotoxR Cosmetic |
U.S. Botox maker Allergan Inc. on Wednesday posted lower quarterly net earnings, hurt by slowing sales of breast implants, restructuring charges and expenses related to its $3.2 billion acquisition of breast implant maker Inamed Corp. The company, which makes wrinkle fillers, anti-wrinkle treatments, gastric bands to treat obesity, and eye care products, said breast implant sales were $54.1 million, up 4 percent over a year ago, lower than analysts anticipated.
» Canadians Use Revanesse
By MSP Staff | Published 11/5/2006 | Product News , Business Trends , Injectables , Dermal Fillers , Hyaluronic Acid |
The fact that increasing numbers of Canadians are choosing to undergo non-invasive medical cosmetic enhancement procedures is not news. However, what is news, according to Canada's top cosmetic physicians, is that with the emergence of a new generation of highly advanced dermal fillers - most notably Revanesse(R) - traditional facial surgery for contouring, lifting and rejuvenating may soon be a thing of the past.
» New Laser Smooths Away Acne Scars
By MSP Staff | Published 10/26/2006 | Product News , Business Trends , Skin Rejuvenation |

There's a new way to treat acne scars on the face. A new laser is helping people get rid of noticeable scars with little hassle. The new Alma Harmony Pixel Laser smooths skin and gets rid of fine lines too. Pinpoints of laser are used to stimulate collagen and the body's repair system.

» Thermage(R) Introduces New Tummy Area Procedure at the American Society for Dermatologic Surgery
By MSP Staff | Published 10/26/2006 | Product News , Business Trends , Skin Tightening |
Thermage(R) announced today that it is rolling out Tummy by Thermage(TM), the latest Body by Thermage(TM), non-invasive procedure designed to treat patients who want a firmer and smoother tummy without surgery, at the American Society for Dermatologic Surgery (ASDS) Annual Meeting in Palm Desert. The procedure is ideal for patients who are in good shape but are experiencing post weight loss or postpartum sagging skin.

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