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» SpaceLift: Could It Be the New FaceLift?
By MSP Staff | Published 09/2/2006 | Business Trends , New Treatments |
Plastic Surgeon, Daniel Man, M.D. has refined the facelift and developed a technique he calls the Minimally Invasive Spacelift™. Man says his technique eliminates the risk of ear deformity. The Spacelift also prevents a loss of the natural hairline at the top of the ear that occurs with a traditional facelift.
» Peels Reduce Risk of Skin Cancer, Study Says
By MSP Staff | Published 08/23/2006 | New Treatments , Skincare Products |
A new study says cosmetic skin peels may also fight the most common cancer in America: skin cancer, a disease for which over a million Americans are diagnosed every year.
» Thermage Being Used to Tighten Tummies
By MSP Staff | Published 07/14/2006 | Product News , Business Trends , Equipment , Skin Tightening , New Treatments |
It is not your mother's tummy tuck. Some local women say they're getting a tighter stomach without surgery.
» Easing Radiation Side Effects With PhotoModulation
By MSP Staff | Published 07/14/2006 | Product News , Equipment , Light-Based Technology , New Treatments |
This year, more than 200,000 women will be diagnosed with breast cancer. Many of them will have radiation, which can be painful and leave the skin burned. Now there's a quick, easy and painless way to prevent the side effects of radiation.
» Keeping Up Appearances
Londoner Mariam Kazim is 48 years old but you would never guess her age by just looking at her.  For anyone not in the know Mariam’s appears no older than 32 or 33.  Is she just lucky or has she gone under the knife to achieve a youthful exterior that shaves 15 years off her real age?
» Device Promises To Roll Away Wrinkles, Acne Scars
By MSP Staff | Published 07/8/2006 | Product News , Business Trends , New Product Launch , Skin Rejuvenation , New Treatments |
Laser resurfacing has long been the standard in skin rejuvenation, but now there's something new.A medical device called the Medical Roll-Cit or Environ Medical Roll-Cit is helping patients get rid of wrinkles and acne scars.
» Injections, Peels, and Laser Resurfacing Gain Popularity
Just say the words and you think of Joan Rivers' freakish mug or the Hollywood divas with "trout pouts," those scary swollen kissers. You'd never do it. Not a chance. Psssst. There are options. And you don't have to have surgery. Or spend thousands.
» Mini-Laser Trims Away Fat on Your Lunch Break
By MSP Staff | Published 07/2/2006 | Business Trends , New Treatments |
It may be the answer to John Prescott’s double chin and Kate Moss’s cellulite. A new fat-busting laser treatment which is claimed to remove pockets of fat in a lunch hour will be launched in Britain tomorrow.
» Microscopic Scaffolding Offers A "Simple" Solution To Treating Skin Injuries
By MSP Staff | Published 07/2/2006 | Business Trends , New Treatments |
A revolutionary dissolvable scaffold for growing new areas of skin could provide a safer, more effective way of treating burns, diabetic ulcers and similar injuries.
» Worried About Sun Damage? Take a Pill!
By MSP Staff | Published 07/2/2006 | Business Trends , Skin Rejuvenation , New Treatments |
What if you could take a pill to help protect you from the harsh effects of the summer sun? Now you can--though don't toss out your sunscreen and hat, because you're still going to need them.
» ThreadLift OK for Some
By MSP Staff | Published 06/11/2006 | Business Trends , New Treatments |

Kay Jarrell, 44, said the skin underneath her chin was sagging, and she didn't like it one bit. "I've always taken good care of my skin," the former Myrtle Beach resident said. "I had been going for Botox and microdermabrasions. Originally I thought I'd get tissue filler around my mouth." But Dr. Susan VanEpps, practitioner of aesthetic medicine at VanEpps Rejuvenation Center in Myrtle Beach, recommended a thread lift.

» Thermage Smooths Wrinkles Around the Eyes
By MSP Staff | Published 06/11/2006 | Product News , Business Trends , Skin Tightening , New Treatments |
You can now have your crow's feet ironed out without having to go under the knife. Medical device company Thermage has developed a technology that tightens the skin of the eyelid by just applying heat to it.
» Sociobiologists Find Women's Skin Tone Influences Perception of Beauty and Age
By MSP Staff | Published 06/11/2006 | Business Trends , New Treatments |
Using a revolutionary imaging process, a new study is revealing that wrinkles aren't the only cue the human eye looks for to evaluate age. Scientists at the Ludwig-Boltzmann-Institute for Urban Ethology (Austria) and the Department for Sociobiology/Anthropology at the University of Goettingen (Germany), have shown that facial skin color distribution, or tone, can add, or subtract, as much as 20 years to a woman's age.
» Turn That Frown Upside Down
By MSP Staff | Published 06/11/2006 | Business Trends , Injectables , BotoxR / BotoxR Cosmetic , New Treatments |
Inspired by age-old literary wisdom, countless song lyrics and the 1872 musings of Charles Darwin, a very 2006 theory to treat depression has emerged. Why not turn that frown upside down - with a shot of Botox? By preventing the physical act of frowning, the muscle-paralyzing toxin just might ease depression.
» What's that Smell? Botox to the Rescue
By MSP Staff | Published 06/11/2006 | Business Trends , Injectables , BotoxR / BotoxR Cosmetic , New Treatments |
When foot bacteria meet foot sweat, a foul smell is sure to result. Summer is high season for malodorous feet. But for some people, excessive sweating is a chronic condition. That ailment, called hyperhidrosis, affects about 2.8 million people in the United States, according to the American Academy of Dermatology.

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