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Florida MedSpa Slowdown?
By MSP Staff | Published 08/23/2006 | Business Trends , Legal News , Legislation |

The lucrative medical spa market is reeling after a June 20 Florida law redefined how they're run.

Palomar Versus Candela Patent Infringement Suit
By MSP Staff | Published 08/19/2006 | Business Trends , Legal News , Ongoing Law Suits |
Palomar Medical Technologies Inc. filed a patent infringement lawsuit against rival Candela last week in U.S. District Court in Boston. The next day, Candela countered in the same court with its own patent suit against Palomar.
Palomar Sues Candela for Patent Infringement
By MSP Staff | Published 08/13/2006 | Business Trends , Legal News , Ongoing Law Suits |
Palomar Medical Technologies, Inc. , a leading researcher and developer of light-based systems for cosmetic treatments, announced that yesterday it filed a lawsuit in the U.S. District Court for the District of Massachusetts against Candela Corporation for patent infringement.
Big Fine for False Slimming Claims
By MSP Staff | Published 07/14/2006 | Business Trends , Legal News |
A company convicted of making bogus claims about a weight-loss product has been fined almost $800,000, the second-biggest fine of its kind.
Texas Officials Investigate San Antonio Spa
By MSP Staff | Published 06/11/2006 | Business Trends , Legal News , Spa Personnel |

The Trouble Shooters caught a local spa owner on hidden camera offering illegal injections. Problem is, she is not a doctor. Now, two state agencies are investigating. The doors are now locked at Bio-Attitudes Spa in San Antonio, and a "For Lease" sign hangs in the window.

Florida Woman Files Lawsuit Over Laser Hair Removal Procedure
By MSP Staff | Published 04/29/2006 | Business Trends , Legal News , Ongoing Law Suits |
Laser hair removal has become one of the fastest-growing non-surgical cosmetic procedures in recent years -- second only to Botox -- with more than 1.3 million performed in 2005. But some health advocates say the industry has grown so fast that regulations have not kept pace and consumers should be cautious.
New Charges in North Carolina Lidocaine Death Case
By MSP Staff | Published 03/24/2006 | Legal News , Ongoing Law Suits |
The N.C. Medical Board is making new allegations against a second doctor at a defunct clinic at the center of an investigation into a patient's overdose death.
Beware What Your Employees May Be Doing While You're Away
By MSP Staff | Published 03/19/2006 | Legal News , Ongoing Law Suits |
Even in the highly regulated medical industry there are incidences of misconduct and the misuse of facilities. Owners and managers of medspa must take precautions to assure that their employees and contractors are not performing illegal activities without their knowledge. In this case a Sheboygan medspa laser technician was willing to trade laser services for sex.
Botox maker's lobbying assailed: 'Grass-roots' group fighting planned tax is company-created
By MSP Staff | Published 02/3/2006 | Business Trends , Legal News , MedSpa Marketing |
When a man from Citizens Against Unfair Health Care Taxes called Dorothy Lowry last fall, he asked if she would write a letter telling the state she opposed a sales tax on Botox. Lowry thought she was taking part in a grass-roots campaign. Instead, she was taken in by a company's lobbying ruse. The kind guy on the other end of the line had been hired by a marketing company contracted out by Botox maker Allergan Inc.
California Medical Board denies status to the American Board of Cosmetic Surgery
By MSP Staff | Published 01/15/2006 | Business Trends , Legal News , Legislation , Education |
Just released Sunday, January 15, 2006 the California Medical Board announced that at its November 2005 meeting the California Medical Board voted unanimously to deny equivalent status to The American Board of Cosmetic Surgery. As a consumer it is important to distinguish between surgeons that claim to be board certified and the status extended to the boards they are affiliated with. Consumers should be aware that not all boards are recognized by The American Board of Medical Specialties. In other words, not all boards are created equal.
SEC filed suit against owners of Skin Nuvo
By MSP Staff | Published 12/16/2005 | Business Trends , Legal News , Ongoing Law Suits |
The Securities and Exchange Commission filed a lawsuit Wednesday accusing two Southern Nevada men and a former pastor from California with securities fraud at Henderson-based Skin Nuvo International.

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