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MedSpaPress offers a truly unique advertising opportunity for companies interested in reaching the owners and medical teams actively involved in the medical spa and cosmetic medicine community.

Our advertising program includes both passive and active distribution of your marketing message. The MedSpaPress website hosts banner, skyscraper, and button ads; each offering a click-through directly to your site. This passive distribution method would be viewed by visitors to the site. However, what makes our program unique is the availability of including ads in our weekly MedSpaPress Monday Messager HTML e-mail.  The e-mail is delivered to MedSpaPress subscribers each Monday and highlights the week's top headlines with direct links to the full story on the MedSpaPress website. The ads included in the HTML e-mail also provide a direct click-through to your site.

The International Medical Spa Association has stated that there are approximately 2,500 medical spas operating in the United States. With an agressive subscription program in place, MedSpaPress captured nearly half of those medical spas as subscribers within our first weeks of operation. How were we able to do that? Simple. We know how medical spa owners think and where they 'hang out.' How do we know that? That's simple too. The founder of MedSpaPress is a medical spa practice management company owner.

MedSpa Press was founded because we could not locate accurate, up-to-date news relevant to the medical spa and cosmetic medicine industry in a timely fashion. Case in point, it took 3 months for the N.C. lidocaine toxicity story to reach news outlets, and 11 months to reach the popular press in the form of an article in Cosmopolitan magazine (November 2005 issue). Upon searching for this information for herself, our founder realized that there is no consolidated location for members of the medical spa and cosmetic medicine community to go for their daily news. This was the etiology of MedSpaPress - the first, and only, web presence designed specifically as a news aggregate for the medical spa and cosmetic medicine community.

As a service to our subscribers, we only accept advertisers offering products or services relevant to the medical spa and cosmetic medicine community. So, if you're interested in selling real estate and automobiles, we're afraid we can't help you. But, if you offer products and services that would be beneficial to our community and promote the success of our industry, we would be happy to speak to you regarding our advertising opportunities.

To request a Media Kit, please e-mail us at:

or call our Sales Director, Jennifer Medlin, at 805-200-6030.

Thanks for your interest. We look forward to seeing you on MedSpaPress!
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