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Non-surgical eye lift
By MSP Staff | Published 11/20/2005 | Dermal Fillers , Hyaluronic Acid , New Treatments |
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Non-surgical eye lift
As we age, gravity can take its toll on our looks. Now a simple new procedure can help plump up your eyes and give you a fresher-looking face.

Brown or blue, big or small, it's difficult to hide those tired, sagging eyes.

April Bagnall, eyelift patient: "Essentially, everything falling forward and my eyes - the biggest impact is that I get very dark, the circles get darker and darker."

San Francisco dermatologist Jeffrey Binstock says as we age, gravity takes its toll, causing a minor land slide under our eyes. 

Jeffrey Binstock, M.D., San Francisco dermatologist: "The face looks more tired, the eyes look a little more sunken, the fat pads look puffier than they really are. There's an illusion of excess fat in the eyelids when in fact, there is really a drop of fat near the cheek that used to be near the eyelids down lower on the cheek."

That could mean it's time for a non-surgical eyelift. While makeup may hide your dark circles, it can't fix the bags or sunken look from loss of volume under the eyes. This new type of an eyelift seems to fill in the depression under the eyes, and will make any bags less noticeable.

All it takes is one of the new hyaluronic acid fillers, like Restylane.

Jeffrey Binstock, M.D., San Francisco dermatologist: "The hyaluronic acids can be injected deep under the skin above the bony rim of the orbit to push the tissue up and out. When you fill in the groove, you fill in the shadow, and you minimize the look of the puffy fat pads."

Mike Nayak, M.D., facial plastic surgeon: "You would think that we would've understood this long ago. You know, hey - fill the valley, the mountain doesn't look so tall."

Emily Ross, non-surgical eyelift patient: "Basically, what I want is to look like I came back from a great vacation - well-rested, de-stressed, re-invigorated."

Start to finish, her treatment takes only 20 minutes.

Emily Ross, non-surgical eyelift patient: "Oh, I think it looks good. I can see where it's filled in on both sides."

And as Dr. Binstock injects April, the plumping is immediate.

Jeffrey Binstock, M.D., San Francisco dermatologist: "Oh, the benefits are instant because the restalin is a filler - it occupies space. It's like having a feather pillow that's all plumped up, and slowly - after the course of four-to-six-months, it deflates."

April says these repeat visits are well worth it.

April Bagnall, eyelift patient: "Yeah, it's just something that I like to do. It's like I like to go have my hair done, and it makes me feel better doing this, and it's the same thing."

This new filler is made from a substance commonly found in the body, so no allergy testing is needed.

Original Source: Dr. Dean Edell, Medical Reporter - San Francisco ABC Affiliate KGO Channel 7 News;
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