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Male Makeovers
By MSP Staff | Published 07/15/2007 | Business Trends |
MSP Staff
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Male Makeovers
It's no surprise that men in the entertainment industry have long used cosmetic procedures to keep them looking young and fresh. But doctors say now, regular men, both macho and metro sexual, are following in their footsteps.

Gary Uncle isn't a metro sexual or a gym rat. He's just a normal guy and dad to a brand new baby "trying to make myself look a little younger.  I've got a young wife, and nothing wrong with trying to better your appearance."

Last year he had his first cosmetic procedure -- thermage.

Gary says "that was to tighten up skin area around here."

Now he's back for botox to get rid of frown lines between his eyes...and is injected with restylane to fill in the hollow areas.

Gary is part of a growing trend -- doctor dale Isaacson has seen about a 20-percent increase in men's cosmetic procedures over the last five years.

"The baby boomer population is aging. Second, I think the stigma for having cosmetic procedures is eroding" says Doctor Dale Isaacson.

Doctors say most often -- men want to reduce wrinkles and lines around their mouth, get rid of crows feet and eliminate dark, hollow areas under the eyes.

These procedures often require higher doses than they do for women and have to be administered differently because mens' skin is thicker and their faces are shaped differently.

Doctor Isaacson says "men have stronger muscles, and it takes more botox to relax those muscles then it does with women."

Gary leaves with a slightly red forehead, but the hollow circles under his eyes are already disappearing and he considers that a good investment.  

He says "if you don't spend your money on your appearance, you're going to spend it on the golf course or something else ... fishing and this lasts longer."

That makes this dad feel better and younger too.

Doctors say another reason men are having more cosmetic procedures is because a lot of treatments are quick and can be done on a lunch hour, rather than requiring surgery or going under the knife.

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