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Get the Perfect Tan
By MSP Staff | Published 07/8/2007 | Business Trends |
MSP Staff
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Get the Perfect Tan

Summer is here so it's time to ditch those winter woollies and bare some flesh- but not before you're looking bronzed and gorgeous.

Many people are reluctant to use self tan products for fear they will go streaky or turn oompa loompa orange but with the help of Sunset Tan owners Jeff and Devin we have come up with a fool proof guide to the perfect summer glow.

Be Prepared

The key to a perfect tan is in the preparation. The last minute paint job is always the one that goes wrong. You need to get your skin in tip top condition before you even pick up a bottle of tan. Skin should be kept well moisturised and exfoliated at all times.
“You want to keep you skin nice and moisturised for about a week before and shower and ex foliate before you start and that way your tan will last a couple of days longer,” says Devin. Pay particular attention to the knees and elbows because these are areas of rougher skin which are most likely to turn orange if tan gathers there.

Take Your Time

You need to leave at least half an hour free for fake tan application. It's no good trying to rush things as this will just lead to a messy Chav-style job rather than the summer goddess look you want.
Apply your chosen tan to one section of your body at a time. Start from the feet and slowly work you way up, not forgetting to spend extra time making sure problem areas such as elbows and knees are smoothly covered.
After applying tan it's best to wait a good fifteen minutes before getting dressed to prevent your expert application being wasted when it rubs off onto your favourite white bed sheets.

Say No to Tango Hands

No one likes the world to know their tan isn't real and tango hands are the biggest give away. Wearing surgical gloves while tanning is a popular way to stop this but can sometimes affect how smoothly the tan goes on. Special tanning mitts are available from most chemists and these work great.
But if you prefer the natural way- using your bare hands- then dishwasher tablets work a treat for getting rid of orange hands. Straight after you have finished tanning rub a tablet between your hands while under warm running water and watch the evidence disappear down the plug hole. No one will ever know.

Keep It Up

Now you have got the perfect tan the key is to maintain it all summer long. Repeat the application until you achieve the colour you want and then continue to tan once a week to keep it up. Moisturising is also essential for any bronzed babe.
“Good products that enhance the tan and make it last longer. A nice moisturiser will definitely help the longevity of the tan,” says Jeff
“Great skin is key to the perfect tan,” adds Devin, “We have a number of products coming out in August as part of our LA Sunset Tan collection. They are the first to have all 3 anti-aging serums in them- which collagen enhancer, anti-oxidants and fine line reducer and also a moisturiser.”

So now you have the perfect tan it's time to head down to the beach, enjoy the sunshine and release the summer goddess within!

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